SAVE THE DATE, November 20th at 6:30 PM is our Third PACK MEETING of the year at the Fellowship Hall building of Oak Grove United Methodist Church (OGUMC).
*(As a request, PLEASE BRING A CANNED FOOD ITEM FOR THIS EVENT as your entry to this event.) 

Special Notes

SEE BELOW - for a new video on Pack 577's trip to Patriot's Point, Charleston, SC.  A GREAT TIME was had by all!!  "THANK YOU!" Bill Denman for not only coordinating this trip but the wildly popular Trailblazer Camp Out as well!

THANK YOU for all that attended and served during Oak Grove United Methodist Church's 53rd Annual Barbecue. I believe it was a great success. Thanks goes out to our Scout Liaison, Bill Berg, for spearheading the event for our Troop and Pack!!

New Scout Sign-up Day Results

We had a great showing of new and eager young Cub Scouts that wanted to join our Pack on the evening of the 28th of August. Currently we have roughly (61) new Cub Scouts to fill our Pack out with excitement for new adventures. THANKS go out to everyone that both joined and supported the evening making our Pack 577 one of the top Packs in the Atlanta Council!!! Currently, we are (172) boys strong!!

If you would like to still experience what PACK 577 has to offer, it's not to late!

Look below to get your son started with Cub Scouting!

Download the registration info below and email us at if you're interested in joining our Pack

Our Story and Overview...

Pack 577 started in 1961 and has a rich history of teaching youth from the first to fifth grade. We are part of the Hightower District of the Atlanta Area Council Boy Scouts of America. Our Pack is sponsored by the Oak Grove United Methodist Mens Fellowship of Oak Grove United Methodist Church.

Our pack is one of the largest in Atlanta. Each year, more than 150 boys participate in our activities.  We have our monthly pack meetings usually on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 6:30 to 7:45 in the Fellowship Hall of Oak Grove United Methodist Church. Our dens meet a different times of the month based on the schedule set with each den leader and the boy’s parents.

Our main goal is to make sure our Cub Scouts have fun, while learning valuble skills that will serve them throughout their lives! We do this by teaching our boys outdoor skills, sportsmanship, how to work with others, citizenship and more.

Our pack is supported by more than 40 parent volunteers, the parents of our Scouts. They serve in many ways, as Pack or Den leaders, camping coordinators, coordinating our Pinewood Derby, etc.

The video below will give you and your son a great feel for our annual activities.  The calendar will give you dates for our upcoming events.

Each year, our Pack raises funds to support our program by selling popcorn. This income supplements annual dues of approximately $75.00 dollars.

Key contacts in our pack are:

  • Matt Keadey, Cub Master:   404-551-2532  - This being Chief Band Aid's 3rd year as Cub Master, Matt is the keeper of the Pack's schedule of activities and runs the Pack meetings among many other valued duties.
  • Shane Griffin, Assistant Cub Master:   770-367-7692   - Tasked with New Leader Development, Pinewood Derby Coordinator and all things of service in scouting.
  • Dan Bridges, Committee Chairman:    404-964-6289   - Tasked with Membership registration, Pack Charter renewals and District/Council communications.
  • Brantt Hudson, Pack Treasurer:    404-754-6921  -  Tasked with managing all of the Pack finances and assistant with Membership Registration.
  • Bill Denman, Camping Coordinator:    404-683-2630  - Tasked with coordinating some of largest family camping in the State with our well as running several Dens as a Leader and Grandfather.
  • Matt Washburn, Popcorn Sales Coordinator:    404-451-1825    -  Tasked with the all VERY important job of coordinating our only fundraiser for our Pack. His success is our success!
  • Paige Payne and Tom Rowland, Advancement Coordinators: and  -  Tasked with the all important and sometimes forgotten glory of collecting the awards and the distribution of them.  These people are always engaged in making the Pack meetings run smoothly.

Den Leaders for 2014 include:
(FYI - We ALL are volunteers in Scouting.  We are one of the largest Packs in both the Atlanta Area and the State.  That can only be achieved by GREAT LEADERS and families that make Scouting fun and supporting one another while still maintaining very busy schedules at home. 

The following is a list of our NEW TIGER DEN LEADERS! (46) Boys:
        Tiger Den #1    Jason Daffner    (12) boys
        Tiger Den #2    Bruce King    (11) boys
        Tiger Den #3    Ben Bryant   (10) boys
        Tiger Den #4    Mike Cottrell & Scott Cobbs  (13) boys

Advancing Dens of (126) Boys:

        Wolf Den #1    Shane Griffin, Assistant - Russell Fair    (13) boys
        Wolf Den #2    Eva Van De Water, Assistants - Jeffrey Russell & Carol "Taylor" Taylor    (13) boys
        Bear Den #2    Anupam Narula, Assistants - Brad Hayes & Michael "Mick" West    (15) boys
        Bear Den #3    Dan Bridges, Assistants - Bill Denman & Paige Payne    (15) boys
        Bear Den #7    Chadwick "Chad" Payne, Assistant - Michael "Mike" Starr    (13) boys
        Webelos 1 Den #1     Tom Rowland, Assistants - Shane Griffin & Bryan Bassett    (10) boys
        Webelos 1 Den #2     Brantt Hudson, Assistant - Bryan Martin    (12) boys
        Webelos 1 Den #3     Lukasz Arendt, Assistants - Russell Fair & Michael Smith   (10) boys
        Webelos 2 Den #2     Greg Brass, Assistant - Robert Martin    (10) boys
        Webelos 2 Den #3     Bill Denman, Assistant - Michael Schneider    (15) boys

Registration and 2014-15 Calender

2014 New Scout Registration Packet - Read this for all the info you need to sign up you son with Pack 577

Pack 577 2014-15 Calendar 

Take a minute also check us out on Facebook at Pack 577.

Pack 577 is part of the Hightower Trail District (  For more information about scouting in general, please visit the national Boy Scouts of America website.

Pack 577 Video Overview!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Patriot Point visit in Charleston, SC - October 11-13th, 2014

A BIG "Thank You!" goes out to parent, William Higgins, for capturing these moments and putting it together in a video for all to see. 

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